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Tanggal Post : 2018-08-03

Agricultural Internship: Producing Ready-to-Work Alumni

One of the mandatory curriculum to complete the bachelor program in Agricultural Faculty Tadulako University is an internship. We conduct the internship in two different ways, working in a company for 2-3 months or settle with farmers in a village and carry out several activities that are useful for community development in general. Agribusiness study program basically collaborates with companies for student internship while Agrotechnology study program goes to the farmer for community development program.


In line with the SIMPLE aim, the Faculty of Agriculture regularly conduct the internship each semester. Dean of Agriculture, Prof. Zainudin Basri, Ph.D. (2/08/2018), explained that internships carried out to improve students' knowledge and skills. Students can gain applicative experience to encourage critical sensitivity in thinking and managerial abilities. Moreover, students can carry out problem-based learning processes and facts as a foundation for innovation and development. By implementing internships students can work in real environmental work from an early age so that they will gather those who have experience and ability to manage a business and become ready-made HR, ready for careers in various fields with analytical, innovative and trying to support and professionals in their work.