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Tanggal Post : 2019-02-06

Integrated Pest Management Training for Graduate Candidate

Tropical farming systems mostly situated with the plant pest and disease problem. As an agricultural student, normally farmer will ask you how to manage the plant against pest and disease. Facilitated by the Department of Plant Pest and Disease, Agricultural Faculty held two trainings: plant pest and pathogen identification; and biological control of plant pest using botanical extract. The purpose of this training was to add general practical knowledge for the bachelor graduate candidate in integrated pest management (IPM) application. Further, the knowledge useful for the farmer and when they apply a position in the agricultural company. Refers to the SIMPLE objective in enhancing soft skills of the Asian students, these training regularly conducted every semester.


In that training, participants enthusiastic in learning the importance and economic aspects of the pest, the influence of crop damage on income, control and practices of controlling IPM, plant pests and their control, plant diseases control, weed identification, and weed control methods. Involved in those training were professors and doctoral lecturers from the Department of Plant Pest and Disease.