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Tanggal Post : 2019-03-29

UNTAD visit the career fair and gave a guest lecture at Battambang University, Cambodia

Battambang University organized the Career Fair for the second time (26 March 2019). The opening ceremony of the career fair officially opened by  Vice-Rector for UBB Dr. Sam Rany and SIMPLE project coordinator Dr. Jana Mandíková. We noted that more than thirty institutions participated and displayed job and internship opportunities on career fair booth. The companies participated mostly agricultural institutions, finance company, and club hobbies of alumni. SIMPLE project associated partner also involved. BOKU Vienna (Austria) presented a lecture about internationalization, CULS Prague (Czech Republic) explained study opportunities abroad and some other talks from companies for soft skill and job vacancies.


The day after, Dr. Aiyen and Dr. Nur Edy from Tadulako University gave a talk in a guest lecture. Dr. Aiyen introduced Nickel Phytomining to inspire the young, that agriculture has a lot of contributions not only to produce staple foods but also other aspects. On the other hand, Dr. Nur Edy explained economically important of Ganoderma spp. as a rot pathogen to most of the perennial plants.


The SIMPLE project also took part in the booth expo. On that booth, SIMPLE displayed study opportunity in EU countries as well as international career opportunities.