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Tanggal Post : 2019-04-15

Students and Alumni English Club


Initiated by Dr. Muhd Nur Sangadji and Dr. Nur Edy, alumni and career center Tadulako University (UNTAD) manage an English club in two different ways and places. Dr. Sangadji attracts students and alumni in English conversation and it takes place at Vatulemo park (outdoor) every Sunday. Occasionally, he invited his native English colleague who visits Palu. Located at the front of Major main office, Vatulemo park is city public place for jogging, morning market, and culinary bazaar every Sunday. Therefore the English club situated there to get relax outdoor class.

On the other hand, Dr. Nur Edy facilitated weekly English meeting for academic purposes. Students and alumni taught more seriously in mastering IELTS and formal English. Both English club provided to enhance international communication skill for students and alumni.