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Tanggal Post : 2019-08-02

Guest Lecture: Central Sulawesi is a hotspot of endemic trees


Dr. Fabian Brambambach, from Goettingen University Germany gave a talk in a  guest lecture in the Facults of Agriculture Tadulako University in Thursday (2/08/2019) On that occasion, he introduced the unique tree diversity  possess by Central Sulawesi as a hotspot biodiversity in Wallace. Tree identification is important in Sulawesi since many findings published long time ago mostly from Java, Borneo, and Papua islands. Rare publication was found originated from Sulawesi. Therefore we need to know the specificity of Sulawesi trees (endemic). During his Ph.D study in National Park of Lore Lindu, he found some of endemic trees from Lore Lindu. Those findings have been published in international journals. In his lecture, Fabian also encourage the students to know what they have in tropics region. It is also interesting studying the tree diversity because you have to travel a lot and stick with nature. If you love camping or hiking, then you should combine your hobby with science, said by Fabian. At the end of the course, he made a practical tree identification with the students in Vatu Tela.